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are very inspired by at. >> that is jim harbaugh and just as a surprise. what is next? angel pagaon... >> having the dream to make it through the season and to go all the way. it is a dream come true. we play for the fans and they have given us a lot of support this is a victory for them. >> the giants in center fielder during a stop at taco bell is served a few tacos and did the drive thru called 'steal a base'... and there is no stopping the giants. take a look of this commemorative baseball. set to salute the giants second world series championship. one is for the world series and the other for buster posy. and this is at $69.95 and the proceeds will benefit the giants committed the fund. only 5000 will be produced. >> that is kind of steep for a couple of baseballs. >> and a look at me. she will purchase one half of the lot. >> i wish! [laughter] >> and $69.25 a i would rather have a t-shirt, or hats or something >> ladies and gentlemen. jacqueline bennett has just ripped the giants community fund. it is excused however because it is going to charity. a lot. dallas breed in his
mays, bruce boccy and jim harbaugh and matt king was driven by alex smith. matt kin-matt camein and also lincecum will be back next year. matt cain was instrumental and angel pagan and hunter pence was one of the key acquisitions late in the season and was really fired up in the playoffs. if you believe the players and sergio romo with ryan vogelsong really instrumental also in the post season and the regular season. . ysidro documenting the moment. the number 5 and ververy barry zito and pablo sandoval and the procession made its way to the civic center were mayor ed lee started the festivities. >> hosts world we are to have the champions back and san francisco! hosts world are we? >> and this is the broom to the city! congratulations, on a sweeping the world series championship. so, how incredible it is this? right now, right here, our second world championship in three years. this is our chapter. >> the one thing we have that no other organization is where everybody is on the same page. the ownership, the front office, the general manager, the manager, the coaching staff, it
been honored for player of the month. in the afc. sebastian jankowski and jim harbaugh of the 49ers are going to be off for a week. >> their approach is just they have a buy that we're going to take. are trusted that we will do the right setting. we will continue to do the right thing and work out. >> we want to be a championship team. we are going to do this from the sport forward. and coaching from this point for wor is how we go forward. >> and kron 4 www.kron4.com if you can tell us crown royal x r.. i'm sure that it is just like the johnny label label... >> and what i love about you is that you have lived a fuller life and m and me. >> i do not know what it tastes like thei >> , it is my 20th year because i'm open and honest. these people are your friends. >> these people are our friends. >> from all of us, thank you. for being part of us and a vocal one step further they are part of my family. all of these deals are pleasant. that is exactly right we will be taking a quick break and thank you. unlike take one day off and we come back in a good mood. heh heh maybe it was that c
and players cannot come to a deal. no end in sight. jim, i was in europe for one hockey season -- >>jacqueline: i was in europe -- 41 hockey season. >> i was also at the dentist chair earlier today with two teeth pulled! >> with the world series street party. elise are you ready? >> always!. j aliccia -- always ready. >> the like your comments. >> if there is a fight kron will cover it. and also e- mail, next... ♪ [ male announcer ] it's one thing... to have created an icon and quite another to have done it generation after generation. to the long line of legendary mercedes-benz sl roadsters... ♪ the 2013 sl. >> this is from the aftermath of the world series. i cannot emphasize this enough. with violence in the streets. we will take a little bit. what do you have? >> jane. " you were spot on it with your comments about the people " celebrating " in the streets sunday night. i wish more news people were real. >> also, an anonymous said you better watch your back. >> believe me i am no st. if you are hungry, and you are out of work and you steal something? i do not like it but i understand.
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4